WasteMaid Waste Disposal Units

Wastemaid Waste Disposal Units

Wastemaid Waste Disposal Units – Buy A New Food Waste Disposer Unit

Welcome to Waste Disposal Unit Shop. Here we can supply you with a constantly updated product range of WasteMaid Waste Disposal UnitsElite – Waste Disposer Units which are super easy to install even for the DIYer.

We stock the full range of WasteMaid products that are safe, lightweight and compact including Economy, Medium Range, Premium Range and more specialised Batch Feed units.

We can supply waste disposal units for all of your needs, wether its for your home or commercial property. All units have Manufacturers Warranty and are Guaranteed Corrosion proof deigned to be lightweight and compact to fit into all types of kitchen areas with the upmost safety.

All Waste Disposal Units have a 2-5 guarantee depending on which model you should choose

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We sell the WasteMaid Elite Range:

Wastemaid Elite 1580 (Economy Edition) includes a 1 Year Warranty

WasteMaid Elite 1680 includes a 2 Year Warranty

WasteMaid Elite 1780 includes a 2 Year Warranty

WasteMaid Elite 1785-BF (Batch Feed) includes a 2 Year Warranty

WasteMaid Elite 1880 includes a 3 Year Warranty

WasteMaid Elite 1980 (Master Edition) includes a 3 Year Warranty

WasteMaid Elite 1985-BF (Batch Feed) includes a 3 Year Warranty

WasteMaid Elite 2080 (Premium Range) Largest Horsepower Available / includes a 3 Year Warranty

Waste Disposal Units can last many years, we have worked on machine that are over 20 years old. If you buy a waste disposal you will wish you had bought one years ago if you have never had the opportunity to own one.

Waste disposal units will grind up most food waste except for large bones. Economy sized waste disposers will only grind up basic food waste which is soft. Mid range waste disposer units will macerate food that is harder like corn on the cob etc.

Premium models will grind small chicken bones and other harder fruit and vegetables with ease.

If possible we recommend that you buy a mid range waste disposal unit to premium if you have the budget and the space under your sink. If you don’t have the space or the budget a slim line economy waste disposal machine will suit your needs.

Before buying a waste disposal unit for your kitchen sink, please check you have adequate space for the machine and the surrounding plumbing pipes. All out machines have the dimensions on the listing page as a guide to show you how much space you need.

If you don’t have a tape measure or are unsure if you have the space, get a friend or a plumber who is confident with a tape measure to check for you. A waste disposal unit will not fit on and ordinary sink, the drainage hole is of the larger type commonly  found on new modern sinks.

We hope you will buy a Waste Disposal Machine from us, if you need help or advice or are not sure if your sink is compatible send us a photo in an email and we aim to respond within anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes, we won’t keep you waiting all day.

By pressing the link below it will take you to our shop where you will find all the information you need.

Waste Disposer Units – how do they work?

The waste disposers mechanism grinds and has no blades or sharp knives.

Impellers mounted on a spinning plate use centrifugal force to continuously force food waste against a stationary grinding ring.

The grind ring then breaks down the food waste into very fine particles – liquefying them.

Once they are ground down the running water flushes the particles through the grind ring into the wastewater pipe.

Important: With all machinery please be aware that only food waste should be placed into the chamber.

How to use your waste disposal unit

With your waste disposal unit installed, it only takes minimal effort to use it to dispose of unwanted materials. As with any machinery, however, it’s important to understand how to use a waste disposal unit and its inherent limitations.

First, remove the sink stopper or plug and turn on a slow flow of water. Cold water is best, since it keeps waste and fats in a solid form and allows the unit to dispose of them in a quick and easy fashion.

Turn the waste disposal unit’s switch to the ‘On’ position. At this point, the unit’s motor will power up to full speed, and is ready for use. Be aware that the unit’s anti-jam swivel impellers will make a clicking sound when the unit is turned on – this is just the sound of them swinging into place, and is no cause for alarm.

Once the machine is on, scrape any food waste into the plug hole. Matter such as leftover food, peelings, seeds, small bones and coffee grounds will be handled with no issues. Items such as large bones and fibrous waste are no problem for the unit, but they will be dealt with much more quickly if they are first broken down into smaller pieces. If the unit is dealing with something which is particularly hard to break down, it may audibly decrease in speed. This is necessary for the unit to increase the power, or torque, of its grinding process, and just means that everything is operating as it should.

The unit cannot dispose of items made of plastic, tin, glass, china, leather or rubber, and should not be used to dispose of aluminium foil, string or shells. Feeding such items into the unit may damage it, or lessen its ability to properly dispose of other materials. It is suggested that you leave the stopper or plug in the sink at all times when the disposal is not being used. This will lessen the chances of utensils and foreign objects accidentally falling into the unit.

Once the unit has stopped audibly shredding and/or grinding any foodstuffs, allow it to run for 15 seconds with a continuing supply of cold water. This is to allow the unit to clean itself of any remaining matter or particles left over from the main disposal process. After 15 seconds, all waste should have been thoroughly flushed through both trap and drain, and the unit will be clean and ready to use again whenever it is next needed.

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